Non-official facebook

Non-official facebook

For this official face book of the company will not be used other alternative advertising methods will be used for this campaign. Publicity will be gained through indirect marketing. Social Media is ever-changing medium, the customer lives in an ever changing world with changing social topics and needs. Hence social topics that are directly effecting and influencing the customers will be used in this indirect campaigning will be used in the non official face book campaign. We will be utilizing the assets that we have (face book pages, Profiles and groups) to carry out the non official campaign to promote needs and wants of the company.

Why Non-Official campaign is more important than the official campaign

1. Trend  The latest trend in marketing promotion is this. A conventional advertizing will cost millions of rupees yet this is not effective today’s context. It is an accepted by many marketing guru’s that this non official campaigns are more than 100% effective compaired to a conventional advertizing. With the ever evolving social media and it behavior has been analyzed by the medial specialist and this has been accepted by many leading companies now to promote their products and has achieved tremendous benefits and many leading companies are changing their stances to this type of campaigns.

2. Skipping of advertisements  Social Media is a medium that can be used according to your needs and wishes. Advertisement created by companies spending millions of rupees can be skipped by the users with just one click. Their for it is essential that indirect methods of marketing to be used to convey the message of the company. In this scenario Non Official campaign is very important.

3. Coming in to Conclusions  The uses of Social media will not come in to any conclusions just by seeing a advertisement. Most of the time a decision will be made by the users after considering the current topics that is effecting the society. That is after considering the ideas of the people who are in is /her society.  Their fore it is important that a ambience to be made for the customer to come in to a conclusion that is beneficial to the compact. And the Non Official campaign will be playing a crucial role in achieving this.

4. Trust  The users of the Social Media tend to trust the people and users in their profile more than the companies. Therefore it is important to get an accreditation from a normal person for the product or services offered by the company. For this the Non Official campaign will play a pivotal role.

5. Can’t Be Fooled  Social Media users are a segment of people that look at  the society in an analytical way, theirfor it is hard to fool them, what is needed is to gain their trust. We need to utilize methods and systems to gain their trust and conduct campaigns to achieve this. This can be achieved effectively through the Non Official campaign.

6. Current Topics  Due to the ever changing and evolving social media we can see current topics.  The importance of this is that the social media activists pay more attention to the current topics. With this the non Official campaign can be conducted by utilizing current topics that are more interesting to the users.

7. Dynamic Changes  Most of the time needs and wants of the company is subjected to immediate changes. The ability to change the campaign according to the required changes will be achievable through the Non Official campaign with ease.

8. Entrance through Funny, emotional and Gossip  The user of the social media tends to like entrances similar to Funny, Emotional and gossip. Through the Non Official campaign ability to grasp these and to promote the company is a special characteristic of this campaign.

9. Targeted Consumer Segments  It is also noteworthy to mention that through this Non official Campaign it is easy to approach the targeted consumer segments and to focus on different needs of the segments and convey the message directly.

10. Nothing that cannot be done  According to the needs of the company messages could be created to reach the areas that cannot be reached with the conventional promotional methods. These promotions can be launched effectively using the Non Official Campaign.