Official facebook

Official facebook

This is a campaign conducted by using the company’s official face book page. In this a direct approach to publicize the products and services offered by the company will be conducted. Specially targeted marketing will be done utilizing advertisements about products and services. 

In addition it is important to utilize a official Facebook campaign to enhance and improve the existing reputation and the image that is maintained by the company.

Currently Social Media has become the trend among the prospective customers and they visit and go through the official face book page of the company before purchasing products or services, Having a attractive and informative official face book page will help tremendously to attract the target customers effectively.

The official face book page of the company will be updated daily and will be posting creative and trendy Videos, photos and graphics of the products and services of the company in an attractive manner as to influence the prospective customers to positive decision of purchasing.

We take the full responsibility of Updating and Boosting of the official face book page of the company and will be doing the required recording and creating of posts of the required social media promotional material. Our work and responsibilities is as follows;

Shooting  Our production crew willcome to the relevantlocation and take the necessary photos andvideos.

Editing  The videos and photos thathave been obtained will beedited in a suitable manner.Attractive Posts will be designed using these.

Posting  We will also be uploadingposts in the form of videos,images, posters and news,in a way that is both attractive and unique.

Updating  We will be providing updates on information, products and  news. Updates will also be provided on the best days to post, best times to post and best post types

Target  As promoters, we will help you identify the target audience based on studying the demographic factors of the relevant geographical location, in terms of Gender, age group, interests, and other relevant behaviors that are prevalent among the people in the selected location.  

Boosting  We will also work to optimize delivery and boost posts via the use of schedules. 

Responding  Furthermore our services include the 24x7 monitoring of the face book page, organizing competitions and other such activities to increase brand engagement as well as responding to online comments and inquiries. 

Recommend  We will provide recommendations on issues such as the number of likes the page receives, the reach of the posts that are shared, and the best times to update.